【Unity】Quality Settings

ノッホソ設定の覚書 (低クオリティ・低負荷)

1. Quality SettingsManual Link

Edit → Project Settings → Quality

2. Rendering

Pixel Light Count: 0 (反映されないライトがあったら増やしてみる)
Texture Quality: Half Res
Anisotropic Textures: Disabled
Anti Aliasing: Disabled
Soft Particles:
Realtime Reflection Probes:
Billboards Face Camera Position:
Resolution Scaling Fixes DPI Factor: 1
Texture Streaming:

3. Shadows

Shadowmask Mode: Shadowmask
Shadows: Hard and Soft Shadows (影が必要ないなら Disable Shadows)
Shadow Resolution: Low Resolution
Shadow Projection: Stable Fit
Shadow Distance: 50 (影の範囲をゲームに合わせる)
Shadow Near Plane Offset: 3
Shadow Cascades: No Cascades

4. Other

Blend Weights: 1 Bone
V Sync Count: Don’t Sync
Lod Bias: 0.3
Maximum LOD Level: 0
Particle Raycast Budget: 4
Async Upload Time Slice: 2
Async Upload Buffer Size: 4

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